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2017年12月2日--水月周庄铂尔曼酒店于今晚举行首个天鹅湖圣诞点灯仪式。 酒店邀请了本地商务合作单位的代表、媒体贵宾以及周庄圆梦艺术教育中心的师生一起参加酒店点灯活动。伴随着小提琴的乐韵悠扬,当晚的活动以一场温馨的鸡尾酒招待会开场,由酒店员工组成的唱诗班在现场为大家带来圣诞颂歌,火车造型的姜饼屋吸引了嘉宾们竞相取影拍照,圣诞老人给大家带来了圣诞甜点,成为小朋友和大朋友们追捧的对象,洁白的圣诞树亦是天鹅湖白色欢乐圣诞季的点睛之笔。

December 02nd, 2017--The first Swan Lake White Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is taken place tonight at Pullman Zhouzhuang. Our local corporate partners, media clients and Zhouzhuang Yuan Meng Art Education Agency are invited to participate in this event. The Christmas Tree Lighting event is kicked off with a cocktail party; the Santa Clause, ginger bread house and the white Christmas tree are all delivering seasonal greeting and hilarious festive touch.


此次圣诞点灯结合了雅高团结周¬—雅高苹果暖心行动  的义卖活动。雅高苹果暖心行动是雅高酒店集团联合其旗下的酒店,与滋根 基金合作开展的一项绿色、可持续发展的公益项目。在过去的五年里,雅高通过滋根 基金资助并在河北省种植了超过53,000棵果树。新的果园在环保的同时改善了当地种植的多样性,并使超过1,200名当地受益人提高了生活水平。

Upon the tree lighting event, Accor Solidarity Week—Apple for the Planet social charity activity has been started out at the same time. Apple for the Planet is a charity project led by AccorHotels Group. For the past five yearsAccor has subsidized the Zigen Foundation’s program of planting over 53,000 fruit trees in Hebei Province. Thenew orchards enable over 1,200 local beneficiaries to improve the standard of living and at the same timeunderstand the practical benefits of environmental protection and improved biodiversity.


This year, we invite Yuan Meng Art Education Agency to join us for this charity project. We raise charity fund by making and selling Christmas ginger bread together with students from the Agency. The students are happy to learn the basic know-how of bakery with coaching by Pastry Chef from Pullman Zhouzhuang, in the meanwhile, to involve with social charity in the meaningful way.


圣诞姜饼义卖在点灯仪式现场正式展开,当晚来参加活动的嘉宾以及酒店员工积极购买,表达自己对绿色公益的支持。这些姜饼所得收入将全部捐给滋根 基金。水月周庄铂尔曼酒店总经理鹿守祎女士表示:“这是一个难得的契机,能够和所有合作伙伴以及本地社区分享我们的绿色、可持续发展的理念。作为刚开业不久的、周庄古镇地区目前唯一一家国际高端品牌酒店,水月周庄铂尔曼酒店也将会在不久的将来参与更多本地社区绿色发展的公益活动。”

The home-made charity ginger bread sale is greatly supported by all guests and hotel employees, the ginger bread income will be all donated to Zigen Foundation later on. “This is a good opportunity for us to share sustainable development concept with our clients and partners. As a newly opened and only upper upscale international hotel in this area, we will actively involve more social charity projects in local community in future.” said Ms. Lucy Lu, the General Manager of Pullman Zhouzhuang.


The white Christmas tree was lit by Ms. Lucy Lu, Mr. Lei Zhong, the Owner Representative of Pullman Zhouzhuang and a student from Yuan Meng Art Education Agency, starting out a joyful holiday season in Zhouzhuang Ancient Water Town. Many local residents also crowd in the lobby to watch the tree lighting.


漾•全日餐厅12月24日平安夜自助晚餐已开始接受预订,498元/位。餐饮团队倾心打造的传统丰盛的圣诞美食,琳琅满目的圣诞主题甜点以及中、西式经典佳肴,为圣诞欢乐时光增添难忘的味蕾记忆,更有7000元的海南岛游的超值大奖等待幸运儿认领。了解天鹅湖圣诞平安夜自助晚餐、圣诞礼篮以及更多圣诞产品资讯,请致电0512-5511 8888转6777。

Swan Lake Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner(December 24th ) booking is available now at best price of CNY 498/ person, sumptuous traditional Christmas cuisines, alluring themed sweets and tasty Chinese and Western gourmets are all providing unforgettable dining experience. Celebrate Christmas and win big prize of Hainan Island voyage valued CNY7000 on December 24th at Café 88. For further query on Swan Lake Christmas Eve buffet dinner, Christmas hampers and other festive products, please call 0512-5511 8888 to 6777.



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